The Gateway to the Gulf

The Grand Lagoon area is steeped in history and pirate lore.  It is a an area that holds both breathtaking natural beauty as well as practical access to the Gulf of Mexico for fishing, boating, stand up paddleboarding, and other watersports.  “The Pass” provides a deep water trail to the gulf where fisherman travel to catch fresh seafood for the many fine dining establishments to prepare.  It’s no wonder that this area is called “The Gateway to the Gulf”, but more than just a gateway it is a community.

The many businesses in the Grand Lagoon area and on the east side of Panama City Beach are run by people who live in the community and provide jobs for locals.  They share a vision for the area and all that is has to offer to both tourists and locals alike.  A vision for a thriving community that boasts on-the-water activities for the whole family as well as some of the finest seafood anywhere.

Development and retail expansion has taken much of the tourism to the west end of the beach and the Grand Lagoon area is often overlooked.  The purpose of this site is to highlight some of the many reasons why the Grand Lagoon area is still a gem on the gulf coast.  So take a second look at this beautiful lagoon community, it’s fishing and boating, it’s dining, it’s nightlife, and all that it has to offer.  We’re sure you’ll agree that the Grand Lagoon area holds all the charm of  a historic floridian community and all of the amenities of a modern vacation destination.