Celebrate OceanFest at Grand Lagoon

July 26 at Capt Anderson’s Marina, 8am to 6pm

Capt. Anderson’s Marina is hosting the culmination of many Ocean Week events at OceanFest, on July 26 from 8am to 6pm.  OceanFest takes place on the east side of the Grand Lagoon Bridge and will be home base for many ocean-loving activities including the Lion Tamer Diving Tournament, Buster’s Kids’ Fishing Clinic, free make-n-take art for kids, fish printing and “Hungry for Lionfish” tasting with Chef Konrad Jochum.

Call 850.234.8717 or 850.234.3435 for more info.

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OceanFest Activity  Time
Lion Tamer Dive Tournament  5am to 4pm.  Weigh-in at 4pm.
Free Kids’ Fishing Clinic with Buster’s Bait  9am to 1pm on the lower deck of Grand Lagoon Bridge
Shell Painting  9am to 3pm
Fish Prints  10am to 1pm
SeaLab SEAFARI Tour  10am to noon
High Noon Hermit Crab Race  High noon at the farmers market
Blue Crab Race  11- 12noon, 1 –- 2pm
Fishmonger Contest  2:30pm
Fighting Fish Chair  Throughout the day
Hungry for Lionfish with Chef Konrad 4 to 6pm

To Download a full list of the events Click Here