Pirate Festival – Treasure Hunt!

GLC-piratefest-web-maponlyGet your treasure map from participatin’ Grand Lagoon businesses or print one from here. Follow the map to collect as many stickers as ye can!

The sticker collectin’ begins Monday, October 3 and runs through Sunday, October 9. More stickers = more entries! Bring your stickered-up map to the Grand Lagoon Pirate Village stage before 2:30pm. Ye can figure out where the Pirate Village is by the big X on the map, or you can find ye old Capt. Anderson’s Marina by googlin’ the likes o’ the place at 5550 N. Lagoon Drive, Panama City Beach. The announcin’ be o’ happening at 3:00pm. Treasure seekers must be present to win or Arghhhh!

Win a whole buncha BOOTY! The booty is shore to be fulla gift cards and shiny things, such as you would want to dine and play and stay and so forth, so GET OUT THERE and seek, ye landlubbers!

Stop by any of these fine Grand Lagoon businesses to get yer map and stickers to play:

  1. Buster’s Beer & Bait
  2. Capt. Anderson’s Restaurant
  3. Capt. Anderson’s Marina
  4. Dat Cajun Place
  5. Diver’s Den
  6. Half Hitch
  7. Hampton Inn
  8. J. Michaels Restaurant
  9. Jubilee Fishing Charters
  10. La Quinta Inns & Suites
  11. Lighthouse Marina
  12. Pirates Cove Marina
  13. MarineMax
  14. Paradise Adventures
  15. Patches Pub & Grill
  16. Recovery Room
  17. Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise
  18. Sea Screamer
  19. Schooners
  20. Treasure Island Marina