Pirates of the High Seas Festival

2017 Treasure Hunters – Follow along here!

For all of you Pirates and ‘Pirates-at-heart’ we are sorry to announce that Saturday and Sunday activities of the Pirates of the High Seas Festival have been cancelled due to the impending arrival of T.S/Hurricane Nate. Friday night’s activities will proceed as planned.

Ahoy! Come partake in the Pirates of the High Seas Festival in Grand Lagoon on Sunday, October 8th, and experience all the merriment we be havin’ ’round the sea. The Pirate Village at Capt. Anderson’s Marina host yonder boat show, kid activities, and vendor booths. Here’s what we got planned for ye, and it’s sure to make ye grab up your matey and head on over!

Pirate booty12:00pm   Festival Village Opens (Capt. Anderson’s Marina Parking Area, 5550 N. Lagoon Drive)
Pirate Village opens at Capt. Anderson’s Marina on the Grand Lagoon!

12:00pm   Kids Fishing Clinic (Marina Dock) *ends at 2:00pmKids fishing pic 2015
Lil’ Buccaneers can partake o’ grand fishing activities at the marina dock.

12:00pm   Live Music: Tom Mason & the Blue Buccaneers (Main Stage) *ends at 2:00pm

1:15pm     Storytelling: The Legend of Dominique Youx (Main Stage)

2:00pm     Pirate Battle-Flotilla Drives out the Pirates (Grand Lagoon/Marinas) *ends at 3:00pm
Arghhh! The Pirate Battle begins as the flotilla sets sail from Capt. Anderson’s Marina, Pirate’s Cove Marina, and Treasure Island Marina to battle those scurvy pirates out of Grand Lagoon. We’ll keep all the booty for ourselves!

3:15pm     Treasure Hunt Announcement (Main Stage)
Aye… a lucky landlubber will win the Treasure Hunt and their names will be known to all the seas surrounding the waters of the Grand Lagoon. Bring yer treasure maps to the stage!

3:15pm     Commodore Mayhem Magic Show (Capt. Anderson’s Stage) *ends at 4:15pm
Shiver your bones to musical tunes put on by a bunch of scallywags as Magic with Capt. Mayhem takes the stage.

5:00pm     Pirate Pet Parade (Capt. Anderson’s Stage)
We’re gonna make ye walk the plank… oops… we mean you can join the Pet Parade and walk through the village for some fun and admiration. Dress up and spread the yo-ho-hos!

7:15pm     Fireworks (Grand Lagoon)
We don’t aim to burn the place down, me hearty! We’re having a fireworks celebration o’er the sparkling waters of Grand Lagoon. It’ll be a fine sight, so stick around!

Follow along for the Pirate of the High Seas Festival, with Visit Panama City Beach on Oct 6th & 7th. Click the link below!